Search for surrogate mothers

TenBabies has extensive experience searching surrogate mothers prepared to ensure that the processes are carried out normally. All of them must pass a series of filters, prioritizing those related to their reproductive health and capacity. So our success rate at the first attempt is so high.
Gestante de Ucrania


Selecting a suitable surrogate mother of these characteristics, is something that we take very seriously in TenBabies. How does this search work?

1. Search for candidates:

Candidates must meet a series of essential requirements, such as being mothers of at least one healthy child, being single or divorced women (for some countries), and having adequate age and habits to carry out a gestation process. Pregnancy will develop much better as long as a woman carries a healthy lifestyle, being the latter a key factor.

2. Personal interview:

Women who wish to be a fundamental part of a process as important as the gestation of the baby of prospective parents should be aware of the emotional burden that this implies for both parties. Therefore, for us are basic requirements the commitment and responsibility on the part of the pregnant to accept the program. It is important that they bear in mind that they must have a pregnancy with the same affection as if it were for a child of their own.

3. Medical tests to the surrogate mother:

Once we have a candidate who meets legal requirements and those that our agency considers basic for both parents and pregnant women to be comfortable during the process, our candidate must undergo strict medical tests. Our goal is to avoid any kind of startle during the process and that everything develops with complete normality. The medical tests will be carried out by the Victoria Clinic, and only those women who meet the strictest requirements for a healthy pregnancy will be accepted.