Coordination and control

Our agency is personally responsible for the coordination and control of the entire process, offering patients information on all those medical tests to be performed for it, and make a comprehensive monitoring and control of pregnancy and childbirth of the surrogate mother.
Médico de fertilidad


Our agency works with the main clinics in Ukraine and Georgia. These clinics have their own laboratory and the most advanced technical means, as well as highly qualified professionals. On the other hand, our staff in both countries speaks several languages perfectly and knows how the process works 100%, having the capacity to coordinate the medical protocols between the clinic and our future parents. Our programs include:

  • Medical advice through a specialist.
  • Medical tests needed to start the process.
  • Coordination of the stimulation process (OVA).


In TenBabies we are aware of the importance that the pregnancy progresses properly, and that the surrogate mother is subjected to a strict medical control throughout the pregnancy. Our team in Ukraine or Georgia, will personally take care of the coordination and control process, or, failing that, supervise that it is carried out properly. Here are some of our tasks:

  • Have permanent contact with the surrogate mother and recent information.
  • Coordination of medical tests and results.
  • Solution of incidences or unforeseen during the pregnancy.
  • Booking accommodation for the surrogate mother outside of her city.
  • Ensure the receipt of payments and compensation to the surrogate mother.
Control de embarazo