Comprehensive advice

Our approach is to offer you a comprehensive advice, so that at all times you have resolved your doubts. From the previous advice on the steps to give, going through the consultation or medical consultations and ending with the answers to your queries on the legal part.
Asesoramiento inicial


Before starting a process, our future parents should know in detail those programs that best suit their preferences or needs, including their costs and benefits in each case. During the initial consultations we will deal with the following points:

  • Advantages of each program and costs.
  • Stages of the surrogacy process.
  • Selection of the most suitable clinic for the process.
  • List of medical tests and documents to begin with.


During your first trip to Ukraine or Georgia you will have a medical consultation to discuss your case with the doctor and the protocol to follow. During the consultation you will be accompanied by staff from our team, and the following topics will be discussed:

  • Examination and review of your medical condition.
  • Report on essential aspects of your medical history.
  • Preparation of a program and treatment plan.
  • All the necessary queries (Email, phone and instant messaging).
Consulta médica
Trámites legales


Legal issues play a decisive role in ensuring that surrogacy processes are carried out with all the necessary guarantees, thus avoiding unforeseen events that could affect the evolution of the process. In TenBabies you will have all the necessary legal support to guarantee that your dream of being parents will be fulfilled in accordance with the law. The following points are important for the process:

  • Rights and obligations of participants in the program.
  • Contracts and agreements with agency and clinic.
  • Joint agreement with the surrogate mother, signed before a notary.
  • Procedures in Ukrainian or Georgian civil registry.
  • Adoption procedures of the mother in the country of destination.