The surrogacy agency TenBabies has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, exclusively dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of being parents, always with all legal guarantees.

Choosing an agency that can take you by the hand in such a delicate process is not an easy task, being our objective to put at your disposal the experience accumulated throughout these years. Our range of services includes the search and preparation of surrogate mothers, coordination and control of the process, comprehensive advice and legal services to the intendent parents.

In Ukraine we work exclusively with the most prestigious clinics, prioritizing the selection of the most suitable pregnant women for the process.


Exclusive programs managed and coordinated through our surrogacy agency in Kiev.


Surrogacy contracts in most countries of the world are null and void, but not in countries such as Ukraine, which have very explicit legislation on the subject, and the protection of the parties involved.

In Ukraine, as in Georgia, it is obligatory to form a contract between the pregnant woman and the future parents, which guarantees the rights and obligations of both parties. All joint agreements between parents and surrogate mother are signed before a notary.


Over the last few years, closed programs have been implemented at a more than competitive cost, but experience has shown that the processes end up taking longer than reasonable, with a rate of failed attempts and abortions above average.

In TenBabies we only work with those clinics that offer the most advanced assisted reproduction treatments and high success rates, such Victoria Clinic in Ukraine.


The growing offer in recent years of low-cost programs has resulted in the need to find surrogate mothers who do not meet the minimum requirements in order to be able to start a program with all the guarantees.

In our exclusive programs in Ukraine we only select surrogate mothers who pass the strictest medical controls, in addition to offering humane treatment and fair economic compensation.

In Ukraine, in the last few weeks of surrogate mother will be staying in an individual apartment in Kiev where she will be able to stay with her family.

Our programs allow direct relationship between parents and surrogate mother during the process.

Hepatitis en Gestación subrogada

Surrogacy and Hepatitis.

Throughout these years we have been able to attend to various marriages whose problem of female fertility was accompanied by a sexually transmitted disease such as Hepatitis in men. The question is whether this class of patients can go to perform a surrogacy process abroad. The answer is YES. What is Hepatitis? Hepatitis is a

Bienvenidos a TenBabies

Welcome to TenBabies

First of all to thank all the families who have trusted us as advisors and companions in the process of motherhood throughout the past years. In 2014 we were pioneers in offering transparency and publishing on our website the different options and prices, without small print or last-minute surprises. In 2015 we consolidated our project,